New Jersey Stone Sculptor Rocks Out with Ellen’s
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New Jersey Stone Sculptor Rocks Out with Ellen’s

New Jersey Stone Sculptor Rocks Out with Ellen’s

Dan Saland of New Jersey, a licensed psychologist by profession, specializes in working with adolescents and families. As an existential-humanistic therapist, he finds parallels between psychology and sculpting stone. Handling a medium that is millions of years old, Dan’s approach is one of patience and humility. Similar to the human psyche, sculpting is a relational process of formation, development and becoming.

Dan also finds carving stone quite cathartic as the sculptural challenge leads to deep self-reflection and change. Not using any power tools and sticking with hammers, chisels and other hand tools, Dan appreciates the natural process that connects him to such an immense history of craftsmanship. He especially enjoys sharing his art and talking about the multiphasic practice as well as teaching.

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