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Ellen’s Silkscreening is a medium sized apparel printing and embroidery company based in South Pasadena, California. We regularly handle printed and embroidered orders of between 24 and 5,000 units in-house on a 7-10 working day turnaround. Our knowledgeable sales team also sources out printed promotional product orders to a large network of vendors on a daily basis.
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Video News

The Loters are in the House!

Loter Inc. Gears up for Comic-Con with Ellens Silkscreening


Every year we are very fortunate and honored to print apparel for the amazing John and Shelley Loter ahead of their visit to Comic-Con San Diego. Each shirt features a different member of their quirky cartoon family, from zombies and devils to superhero cats and space exploring gorillas. Above you can see us printing the yellow layer of their banana rocket design.


Screen Printing Step by Step

What is Silkscreening?

Screen printing is a printing technique that pushes ink through a porous mesh screen stretched across a frame. The image that is printed is created by a stencil image that is fixed on the screen. The stencil image is created by applying a photo sensitive emulsion to a screen, placing a film positive on the emulsion, and exposing the emulsion to bright light. The screen is then pressure washed and the unexposed emulsion falls away, creating a negative image on the screen. The screen is then dried and carefully registered on a printing press. Heavy duty rubber squeegees are used to push ink through the negative areas of the screen onto a substrate (that might be a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or a tote) to create the final imprint image. The item being printed then passes on a conveyor belt through an oven that cures the imprint ink.

Watch our great video on screen printing step by step.


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