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Screen Printing

39 years of Silkscreening Experience

Ellen’s Silkscreening specializes in quality custom screen printing. We can silkscreen on just about any kind of apparel you can imagine as well as on tote bags.

What is Silkscreening?

Screen printing is a printing technique that pushes ink through a porous mesh screen stretched across a frame.


The image that is printed is created by a stencil image that is fixed on the screen. The stencil image is created by applying a photo sensitive emulsion to a screen, placing a film positive on the emulsion, and exposing the emulsion to bright light.


The screen is then pressure washed and the unexposed emulsion falls away, creating a negative image on the screen. The screen is then dried and carefully registered on a printing press.


Heavy duty rubber squeegees are used to push ink through the negative areas of the screen onto a substrate (that might be a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or a tote) to create the final imprint image. The item being printed then passes on a conveyor belt through an oven that cures the imprint ink.

Because of the considerable prep work required for screen printing, our order minimum is 24 units.

Screen Printing Order Step by Step

What Will Your Experience Be?

Screen printing workflow

See us Silkscreening

Eduardo Inks
Barbie Surf T-Shirt Proof
Blue Yellow up
DSA Proof
Art Center Bag Proof