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What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a process whereby a logo is formed by thousands of stitches of thread densely sewn into a garment or cap by a mechanized embroidery machine. The embroidery machine is guided by a computer stitch file that dictates where each stitch is to be placed. The quality of the stitch file is crucial to the outcome and for this reason Ellen’s head embroiderer Victor Olivares programs all stitch files (the process is called ‘digitizing’) in-house. Many shops use outside vendors for their digitizing.


Another process that Ellen’s offers that can be executed on the embroidery machine is applique.  Applique is a classic technique where a material such as poly-twill or felt is pre-cut into letters or forms and then sewn onto a garment by the embroidery machine following a special stitch file.

Order Minimums

Because of the considerable prep work required for embroidery, our order minimum is 24 units.

Color and Embroidery

If color is critical, the customer needs to select embroidery thread colors in person from a thread swatch book. Unfortunately, thread colors do not correspond to pantone colors.

Watch the Embroidery Process

What Will Your Experience Be?

Embroidery Workflow
Bigfoot Biomedical Proof
Multicolor thread
Quixote Hat Proof